April 26, 2010

Homemade Tea Bag

I have some loose teas that I love and wanted a way to have them on the go. So instead of toting a tea ball around, I thought I would make my own tea bags. Throw some into a Ziploc and into your bag and you've got loose tea on the go!

  • Cheese Cloth
  • Kitchen Twine
  • Sewing Needle
  • Optional: sticker paper for tea tags

{Step 1}.........................{Step 2}

Step 1: Cut out a 4-layer square of cheese cloth and place 1 tsp. of loose tea leaves in the middle.
Step 2: Using kitchen twine (separated in 1/2 so its easier to thread onto the needle) and a
needle, thread twine through side closest to you, then the side farthest away.
Step 3: Thread twine through right side, then through left side. It should look something like

{after step 3}

Step 4: Now thread through the corners the same way going across from each corner until all 4 corners have been threaded. The bag will now look like this:

Step 5: Tie around the top and knot to secure. The top can then be trimmed.
Step 6: Trim remaining string. Attach a tag if desired. I made my tags on MS Word and printed
them off onto sticker paper. I then stuck two together to create a double sided tea tag.

{Finished Tea Bag}

I find this way to be most secure, but if it seems too complicated you can use the following alternate method.

Alternate Method: Thread in and out in a circle around the 4-layer square of cheese cloth. Put 1 tsp. of loose tea leaves into middle. Pull the two ends of the string together and knot. Continue with step 5 above and you're done!

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