August 08, 2009

Fondant Covered Cake

For my boyfriend's 21st birthday I attempted doing a cake covered in fondant and am happy to report that it was a success! The cake is a simple chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting between the two layers and as the crumb coat. I froze the two layers of cake as it helps to keep the crumbs on the cake instead of in your frosting. Thaw the cake then cover with a crumb coat (I used buttercream icing but you can also use jelly or jam). I used a pre-made fondant from a local cake decorating store which I coloured using gel food colouring from Wilton. I would not recommend the Wilton fondant because it doesn't taste very good. The tool box and tools are made from molded chocolate.

If you have not worked with fondant before, is a good resource for steps on working with fondant. A good place to start working with fondant is to make smaller embellishments for your cake so that you can get used to rolling, cutting, and colouring. Good luck and have fun!

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