October 02, 2009

Crochet Monkey

In the spirit of amigurumi I decided to try and make a monkey. I couldn't find any good patterns (free ones) that I liked so I tested my pattern making skills! The head is made from a basic amigurumi ball which I started with the light yarn then moved into the dark yarn to create the face (In the future I would probably make a smaller half ball as the nose/face for more depth). The main body is made in the same way as the head but rather than 3 rounds of 30 stitches, I increased the number of rounds with 30 stitches to make the body longer. I then made a flat circle from the lighter yarn and stitched it ontop of the body to make the stomach. The arms and legs started with 5 sc in a ring then 2 sc in each of those around for 10 stitches. I repeated 10 st around until I got the length desired. The tail is only 5 sc in a ring then 1 sc in each stitch repeated. The face and belly button are made from embroidery thread and the ears (which are hard to see in the photo) are flat half circles that I stitched on later. Hopefully this makes some sense! If I ever make another one with some alterations I will be sure to post a pattern. For now anyway, enjoy!

Brown Red Heart Yarn
Grey Vanna's Choice Yarn
Black Embroidery Thread

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