October 11, 2010

Motorcycle Cake

Okay, so this is so looonnngggg overdue!! In August I made this cool motorcycle cake for my boyfriend's 22nd birthday. He just got a motorcycle so I thought this theme would fit the bill. Let's start with the cake. It was a two layer vanilla cake with banana custard in the middle. I then iced it with Wilton's #233 tip. It makes awesome looking grass. To make the grass look more realistic, I put a light and dark green icing the in the bag and piped it out at the same time. This gives the grass more dimension. I also was able to find some chocolate rocks to line the road and the bottom. They looked so realistic you couldn't even tell that they were food. The road itself (which I wish I had a better picture of) was made from thick flat strips of black licorice.

The chocolate motorcycle is probably my favourite part of this cake. I found the perfect moulds and chrome lustre dust. When mixed with vodka or gin, the dust is perfect for painting onto chocolate and gave the motorcycle a very unique look. To make the bike stand up I sandwiched a Popsicle stick between two finished bikes and stuck it into the cake. Altogether the cake turned out great and my boyfriend loved it!

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